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Teaching Philosophy

Why do I teach?

I have something unique and wonderful to share with people, music. Making music brings joy to students - teaching them how to explore their creativity and artistry, express themselves, and grow to become more confident and capable people.

The most exciting part about teaching to me is starting with a student who is a bit shy or unsure of their abilities at first and watching that student grow into a confident person who enjoys playing their instrument as they reach a new level of artistry!

What do I teach?

  • I aim to ensure my students have a mastery of the fundamentals of clarinet playing - such as tone, technique, articulation, and musicianship - and expand their repertoire and musical capabilities through warm-up exercises, etudes, solo repertoire, and orchestral/band excerpts.

  • I teach students efficient practice techniques, how to practice performance, audition preparation, and more.

  • I strive to provide my students with the many valuable lessons learned through music off of the instrument such as building self-confidence, how to take criticism, how to be vulnerable and take risks, teamwork, mindfulness, and more.

How do I teach?

  • Weekly lessons (in-person or virtual) motivate the student and give them a chance to perform every week

  • Student plays their assigned repertoire and I will often ask them to critique themselves to become active and critical thinkers and diagnosticians

  • I'll share what I think the student can work on and we'll work on the repertoire together in the lesson

  • I always have my clarinet out and will play with and for them when needed

  • I send follow-up lesson notes and occasional resources

  • The repertoire I assign is meant to challenge and excite the student as it lies just at the edge of their comfort zone but within their capabilities with a little practice

  • I aim to always provide honest and helpful feedback

LESSON TIMES                           RATE


30 min                                             $30

45 min                                             $40

60 min                                             $50   

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What Parents and Students Are Saying

Here are brief excerpts so you can hear Mia performing! Go to the "Recordings" page to listen to and watch more!

Empty Orchestra Stage


Mia does a great job navigating approaches to tone, technique, and musicality. She strikes a good balance consistently challenging a student without overloading them, which is an impressive feat.

Sheet Music


Our daughter has worked with Mia for 4 years. She is so caring and knowledgeable and has really been great with Sloan from the 'tweens' into the 'teens'. She has really grown and improved quickly and consistently. We were thrilled when she offered Zoom lessons, as it makes scheduling all that much more flexible.

Orchestra Conductor on Stage


In the short amount of time Mia has been teaching me, I've gotten a lot better with my voicing and tone. If you're looking to adopt a more sweet and mature sound, I would definitely recommend Mia. She encompasses it all: from technical aspects such as rhythms, scales, arpeggios, and timing to teaching how to feel the true emotion and story of a piece. You can tell Mia feels passionately about what she teaches, and it's contagious. I look forward to learning something new every lesson.

Concert Hall


Whether you're just starting out or have been playing for years, it never hurts to remember where you started. Mia has consistently raised my ability by improving on the basics while also encouraging musicality. She's given new direction to how I view a piece and is a fountain of knowledge for anyone interested in learning the clarinet.

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